You can now get COOL*SAFE cool bags all over the world.


Artemed is the only provider of a new generation in medical cool bags with a proven internationally patented cooling technology!

Are you relying on medicine that is temperature sensitive like insulins, botox, prostaglandins, growth hormones, eye drops against glaucoma, interferon, cortisone, cytostatics, diazepam, hormones against uterine cancer, etc. or test-strips?

COOL*SAFE cool bags are the only cool bags with cool packs or gel packs, of all available cool bags, which the same time

  • offer optimal protection from the risk of becoming frozen by cool packs and
  • provide the longest cooling duration between +2° C = 35.6° F  and +8° C = 46.4° F
  • and are light of weight.

Example: If the outside temperature is 20° C = 68° F, the cooling duration is 17,4 hours.

These COOL*SAFE cooler bags  are recommended over the leading brands, by doctors and pharmacists. 

Important information: COOL*SAFE cool bags are custom-developed for the pharmaceutical industry and the research based industry.
Check with your health insurance company. Many cover most of the cost.