Test results

There’s no other cool bag that delivers better results than the COOL*SAFE products*:

1. Only the COOL*SAFE cool bags do not fall below the + 45.6° F/+ 2° C threshold surrounding the medicine (not becoming frozen caused by ice packs)!
(see graph “Temperature profile in the COOL*SAFE coolbag and graph “Temperature profile in the tested cool bags)


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2. Best result in terms of cooling duration (see graphCooling duration“)
Cooling duration 2° C to 8° C, 20° C outside temperature: approx. 17,40 hours
Cooling duration 2° C to 8° C, 30° C outside temperature: approx. 11,25 hours
Cooling duration 2° C to 8° C, 40° C outside temperature: approx. 6,20 hours

3. FRIO cool bags are only suitable for Insuline pens, that are partially used.
All other insuline, test stripes and other medications have to be transported and stored by cool bags which assure cold-chain protection. The required temperatures of +2° C to +8° C or +2° C to +15° C will not even be achieved by FRIO.

In addition, the cooling effect of FRIO cool bags is based on the principle of evaporation of water which is stored in crystals. The disadvantage: The cool bag is wet, resulting in medicine boxes are softening up.
FRIO cool bags are not suitable for transporting blood glucose monitoring systems, because these measuring instruments should never get wet!
The COOL*SAFE cool bags stay dry.
* Cool*Safe in comparison with other cool bags, that are available in pharmacies in Germany: Frio Expedition, Ardo, Param, Haselmeier, Cool*Safe