In Germany, Austria, en Italie, France and Switzerland there are pharmaceutical companies that are setting a high value on save transport of medicine that is subject to cold and cold-chain protection. They pay attention that their cool bags, they give away to chemists and doctors as a gift, offering many hours of cooling and protect the medicine optimally from the risk of becoming frozen caused by ice packs at the same time.

Sandoz establishes the COOL*SAFE cool bags for the growth hormon „Omnitrope“. The cool bag was branded especially for Sandoz in the colour blue. You can identify the original COOL*SAFE high quality cool bag through the special, integrated COOL*SAFE ice packs.


MSD wants to assure a as possible maximize security for the patients, who get Simponi (medicine against rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel desease) and PegIntron (against Hepatitis c) prescribed. You identify also these MSD-COOL*SAFE cooler bags by detecting the inner COOL*SAFE ice packs.


AMGEN Schweiz give the COOL*SAFE cooler bags away, to assure an appropriate cooling of many of their medicines which are subject to the cold chain.




NOVARTIS Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. Following a corporate transformation Novartis is focused on three divisions with global scale and innovation power – pharmaceuticals, eye care and generic medicines.

We are convinced that in future there will be further pharmaceutical companies that will use these special cool bags. For patient’s well being.


logo_octapharma + COOLSAFE


OCTAPHARMA is active in the fields of immunology, gynecology, haemophilia and intensive care. They produce immunoglobulins ago von-Willebrand factor / factor VIII concentrates, PPSB concentrate, antithrombin III concentrate, human albumin solution and human plasma. The main production site of Octapharma is located in Vienna since 1989 and was expanded in a very short time to become one of the most modern plants for plasma fractionation in the world. The introduction of a total quality system, additional investment in new production technologies, quality control and IT, the Vienna production facility meets the American GMP standards and is FDAlicensed since 2004.

In addition to the production facilities in Vienna, the departments of research and development, clinical research, quality assurance and international approval are there located as well. Octapharma uses the COOL * SAFE backpacks for their clinical studies.


logo-dgfg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gewebetransplantation + COOL SAFE



The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gewebetransplantation (DGFG) – The German Society for Tissue Transplantationis an independent, nonprofit organization that supports the tissue donation and transplantation in Germany since 1997. The DGFG established a network of numerous German hospitals, tissue banks and transplanting facilities that operate exclusively in the field of non-commercial tissue donation. It is the largest German network of its kind in the field of tissue medicine. It uses the COOL * SAFEcoolers for the transport of human tissue. Also on this highly sensitive they trust in COOL * SAFE. We are very grateful for the confidence.


Mologen Logo + COOL*SAFE


The MOLOGEN AG is a research company in the fields of oncologyy and serious infectious diseases. This biotechnological company uses the newest insights of molecular medicine and immunology with the objective of putting the immune system of the human body in a position to fight the disease or the pathogen itself. The COOL*SAFEcoolers are used for trials to ensure the patients participating in the study the highest possible security for the transport of their drugs. By proper cooling unnecessary side effects can be avoided, and in the same time the reliability of the studies is increasing. Patient safety is taken very seriously by MOLOGEN.

Furthermore, there’s another pharmaceutical research company that confirmed, that COOL*SAFE coolbags are the only cool bags they can use for their studies, because medicine is optimally protected from the risk of becoming frozen caused by ice packs. Micromet (now Amgen Research GmbH) uses COOL*SAFE for a patient study. That’s why the patient can be sure that there won’t be any adverse drug reactions caused by inadequate cooling, due to a inappropriate cool bag. And the research company Micromed has the guarantee, that the results of the study won’t be distort by inadequate cooling of medicine.

The globally operating research organisation MEDPACE applies also COOLSAFE cool bags for their studies. For more security for the patients who now have the certainty that their substances don’t get defected caused by inadequate cooling, due to a inappropriate cool bag. MEDPACE is researching for the pharma industry on the fields of cardiology, central nervous system, onkology, nephrology, regenerative medizine, endokrinology, infectioul diseases and vaccines.

Meanwhile there are other companies that appreciate COOL*SAFE cool bags for their patients.

Customer response:
Securing the highest possible efficiency while treating our patients got first priority for our management and our doctors. Also a good intended and arranged therapy can be affected in her efficiency, if save transport of medicine that is subject to cold or cold-chain protection can not be ensured. Most of our patients are contractors, who are travelling continental and intercontinental. Thats why we can join the decision of Micromed and using also the compact bags of COOL*SAFE for our patients.

(undisclosed) med. consultancy, Munich, Germany

AIDA Cruises verleiht COOL*SAFE-Medikamenten-Kühltaschen an seine Kreuzfahrt-Gäste


In puncto Servicequalität steht AIDA Cruises auf dem ersten Platz und erhielt das Goldene Siegel.

Als Marktführer bei Kreuzfahrten in Deutschland ist AIDA Cruises Vorreiter in Sachen Qualität und Service am Gast. Aus diesem Grund dürfen nun unsere COOL*SAFE-Kühltaschen mit auf Reisen gehen. Die Gäste, die bisher bei ihren Landausflügen in ihrer Bewegungsfreiheit limitiert waren, da sie ihr Insulin oder ein anderes kühlpflichtiges Medikament nicht mitnehmen konnten, erhalten von der AIDA-Besatzung eine COOL*SAFE-Kühltasche ausgeliehen, damit sie Ihren Urlaub an Land stundenlang genießen können.